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Research & Development

Scale Up Laboratory is able to cover all stages of chemical development in organic chemistry.

We provide research and development support and services in the following areas:
  1. Custom research
    Laboratory research (proposing and finding of new synthetic procedures, development of new patent non-infringing syntheses), transforming routes from the laboratory into approaches that are potentially commercially and industrially viable, as well as low-volume production on exclusive basis.

  2. Development of new indicators and fluorescent probes
    If you're after a new species of the bird genus Indicator or alien probes - tough luck! We're chemists, not biologists or ufologists.

  3. Low-volume production of rare intermediates for pharmaceutical, chemical or agricultural industry
    We do the full rare range, from medium rare (à point) to extra-rare (bleu). If you ask nicely, we might consider doing medium (demi-anglais) or medium well (cuit). If you ask very nicely and pay extremely handsomely, we'll do well done (bien cuit), too, but we'll deny it if ever questioned.

  4. There's no area #4.
    Seriously, three is more than enough for our R&D. They need to get a break from time to time.